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Welcome to desi chat info page! Desi chat servers offer free chat rooms for desi people around the world. If you are looking for desi chat, pak chat, pakchat, Urdu chat, Hindi chat, Paki, free chat rooms, free chat, chat rooms, online chat, clean chat, Desi, South Asian chat, South Asians, Urdu News, Pak News, Hindi News, Pakistan newspaper, India newspaper, old desi chat, chatspace, or Paki chat, you can find it here. Chat in DesiChat server is strictly moderated. You don't need to register any nick to join our free chat rooms. Join now and enjoy a clean desi chat, Pak chat, Paki chat, Urdu chat, Indian chat, and Hindi Chat.

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Most of our users are in para chat server. To join, enter your desired nick. If you have a slow connection, Lite Version would be suitable for you. If server asks for password, enter a different nick.

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If you can't join our old server, enter any nick and click Login to join our para chat server. If you don't have password for your nick, click to join without a password or enter a different nick.

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If you are searching for desi chat, pak chat, pakchat, chat paki, chat pak, Urdu chat, Hindi chat, Pakistan newspaper, India newspaper, Paki, free chat rooms, free Chat, online chat, clean chat, desi, South Asia chat, South Asia, India chat, Urdu news, Urdu story, Pak news, Hindi news, desi life style, old desi chat, chatspace, parachat, chat Muslim, Pakistan chat, and Muslim chat, you will find them at our desi chat pages.
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